• The origin of the father of electric clothes dryer
  • 2017-06-25

    Wang DaAn, a name not well-known, is an industry founder.

    January 1968, Wang DaAn was born in the birthplace of Yugong, Henan Jiyuan, Yugong Spirit has been deeply integrated into his blood. This is now reflected in Orlant's corporate culture.

    In the 1985, the reform and opening-up led by Deng Xiaoping created an era in which knowledge could change the fate of rural children, and a science and technology was called the first productive force. and Wang DaAn lucky to catch up with this good times, and successfully entered Wuhan University of Science and Technology.

    After graduating from college in 1989, Wang DaAn was assigned to the Metal Products Research Institute of the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry (the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry was subsequently reorganized by Ministry of State Department). Mainly engaged in steel wire and wire rope various products of new technology, the research and development of new technology, new materials, equipment and products are involved in the digestive transplant of the imported equipment projects in Italy and Switzerland, and Wang DaAn, as the main project staff, has won many Ministry of Science and Technology Progress Award and Provincial Department of Science and Technology Progress Award. Later took part in the Navy warship with immortal wire Rope Project research, military medicine cored wire project research. With the continuous improvement of the wire rope technology, it was applied to the parachute of Shenzhou 7th spacecraft's recycling cabin. It is with this experience, but also make Orlant become now drying racks industry exclusive use of aerospace military wire rope enterprises.

    One day in 1995, Wang DaAn came home from work and saw a neighbor's pregnant woman standing on the bench to get clothes hanging in high places, because she didn't have a good balance and fell to the ground. Afterwards Wang DaAn felt very sorry, the designer's instinct driven him to devise a mechanism to be able to rise and fall to replace the human, especially for the elderly, pregnant women, children to provide a more safe, simple drying of clothing conditions for ordinary family life to bring revolutionary convenience. Later Wang DaAn will use spare time to find information, design drawings, build prototypes, through 2 years of unremitting efforts to create three-generation prototype, and this machine named electric clothes dryer, although only simple up and down functions. In this way, the world's first electric clothes dryer in the hands of Wang DaAn birth.

    1998, Wang DaAn in order to  make  the electric clothes dryer products dreams come true, he resolutely left the research institute, go to South china of Shenzhen, looking for business opportunities. In the circumstances, many people do not have the concept of electric clothes, and no one is willing to invest in this product. In order to earn the first bucket of gold, in April 2000, Wang DaAn and the original Institute of colleagues to create a projection screen enterprise "Shenzhen-Hao Digital technology Co., Ltd." Due to proper operation and management, the company earns a lot of revenue.

    Although the projection screen to do the wind and wind, but Wang DaAn still don't forget beginner, in order to realize the original dream, finally and Yu-ho shareholder consultation, resolutely quit the Woo-ho company. Holding this withdrawal funds, Wang DaAn in 2005 founded Shenzhen Orlant Intelligent Control System Co., Ltd.

    At that time, the global Orlant A company in the design, development, production of electric clothes dryer. In the process of cultivating a new industry, the loneliness, loneliness, despair, adhere to let Wang DaAn have a deep experience.

    2005, Shenzhen European Rand Intelligent Control System Co., Ltd. The first batch of electric clothes dryer in Shenzhen listed, date selected on July 1 on this special day, hope to be like the successful development of the Chinese Communist Party, a spark can be a prairie fire. At that time, every sale of a machine, Orlant employees are news, like the Han Dynasty and Hun combat weiqing opener victory, the Frontier 800 fast send a victory, big.

    As technology continues to improve, product quality is greatly improved, the function of the product has gradually increased, led the industry's wind, Orlant electric clothes dryer to take the lead in the UV sterilization function, fast drying function, intelligent heat drying function, negative oxygen ion wind function, etc., by the industry as the father of electric clothes dryer.

    Overseas market has been supporting the development and growth of the company, Orlant first with its own brand into the Korean market, Singapore Market, Taiwan Market, Hong Kong market, and some well-known overseas construction companies have cooperation, individual overseas market Orlant brand market share of up to 70%. Over the years, Orlant has increased exports to some markets in South and Central Asia, such as Russia, Vietnam, India and Kazakhstan, at present, Orlant international market has been covered: Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, India, Philippines, Iran, Kuwait, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Serbia, South Africa, Australia, Russia, etc. more than 40 countries and regions, Become a banner of the overseas electric clothes dryer, which is the milestone of China's creation.

    Development so far, Orlant for the home people to create a new application, created a new home appliances products, to the tens of thousands of households to provide convenience and value, to meet the needs of the global users. Electric clothes dryer from scratch, covering the Wang DaAn frustration, difficulties, sweat, despair, persistence, harvest, this let Wang DaAn inadvertently became an industry founder, also known as the industry is the father of electric clothes dryer.

    I think, Wang DaAn this yugong spirit, will continue to lead the drying racks industry continued vigorous development, for the global family to bring better quality of life!